Koto Air:
stay healthy by breathing better air.

Koto Air is a small and stylish sensor for your home that monitors the air your breathe.

Just place Koto Air in any room to keep your family healthy all year round. Real-time alerts will always let you know when there’s too much pollution or dust in the air, so you can open the windows at the right time.

Koto Air: advanced smart home sensor

Everything you need for fresh and healthy air.

Koto Air is packed with powerful sensors that make sure your
indoor environment is as healthy as it can be.

Koto Air can help you if you have problems with humidity or dry air,
so you can keep your family healthy and avoid home damage.

Monitoring your indoors is just the first step. The Koto app helps you do the rest.

Koto Air syncs with your smartphone through Bluetooth whenever you're around.

Use the iOS and Android Koto app to see how healthy the room is, what you can do to improve it, or explore the room's history.

For remote access, you can add a CubeSensors Base that syncs all measurements into the cloud in real-time.

Koto App

Koto Air detects a wide range of organic gases and reminds you to open the windows.
This can prevent headaches, caused by bad air, and help the entire family sleep better.

Tech specifications

5x5x5 cm (2x2x2 in)
70 g (2.47 ounces)
- metal fronts
- glossy polycarbonate
shake to glow
Micro USB
- Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
- ZigBee
Air quality:
- PM sensor for dust
and cigarette smoke
- Volatile Organic Compounds* sensor, converted to CO2 equivalent ppm * Alcohols, Aldehydes, Aliphatic hydrocarbons, Amines, Aromatic hydrocarbons, CO, CH4, LPG, Ketones and Organic acids.

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Works with CubeSensors

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All Koto sensors are compatible with your existing Cubes.